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culinary tourism is a very enjoyable activity.
in addition to relieving stress, also can add culinary knowledge and experience of the existing food food.
not a few people who spent his vacation to visit many places just to look for unique culinary dishes that they are seeking.
indeed can not deny, in this world, many types of food available, and each image has the flavor and uniqueness of each.
for example just in Purwakarta district. in one district that is in Purwakarta is sukatani, there are many culinary snacks, among the most famous is his peuyeum girder and colenak.

peyeum (tape) bendul
peyeum (in Indonesian = tape) are very popular in this area, if we visit there, we'll see a lot of tape on the hanging and the above jejerkan near lagit lagit shop.
in the sill area, many houses lined or toke by the typical girder is colenak Plered that taste can not be denied again, it is delicious and tastes menggunggah. especially if we know how the manufacturing process.
colenak Plered made from raw tape (peuyeum) that burns with a hot charcoal and paint mentega.setelah that tape that has been roasted in brown sugar give the scent of pine that has been steadfast in thawed and given a piece of peanut and grated coconut.
in accordance with the name "colenak = dicocol enak", how to eat is a tape that had been burned in dab into the sauce made from sugar, and more comfortable in a warm meal. but if we eat too much, then we will feel eneg / nausea. so we just eat reasonably. sense that at present will stick in your tongue and will always be remembered and make you want to and want to taste it again.

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